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What is Academic Gameplan?

Academic Gameplan is a unique program that lays the foundation to be successful in school. It is a three step process that FIRST gives students a big enough why to increase motivation, SECOND we teach organizational methods to manage chaos, and THIRD we teach the invaluable skills you need to compete in the classroom.


"Big Enough Why"

Students aren’t motivated because they don't understand WHY school is important.  Once students understand WHY they are in school and WHY it is important, they are motivated to compete!

The first part of the program is designed to instill the foundations for a better attitude in students about school.

"Chaos to Concept"

When students begin interdisciplinary education it can be difficult to manage the expectations and assignments of multiple teachers and classes.  Fast start teaches students how to organize the chaos of their lives and make school less overwhelming.

This section teaches organizational education such as long term planning, managed with short term planning, keeping track of grades, and summaries of what you learn in class.

"Invaluable Skills"

1) Inspire life long learning.

2) Three P's: Planning, Problem Solving, Perseverance

3) Embrace the gold standard of performance. 

4) Cultivate meaningful lasting relationships. Life is a team sport.


Who uses Academic Gameplan?

Academic Gameplan is designed to help students ranging from middle school to college. However, the skills you will learn has proven to continue into a professional setting.


How do we implement?

It is Easy! Coach Baxter teaches everything for you! Teachers pick a time to teach and push play! 

Parents pick 20 minute time periods to start the program and push play.