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Why Academic Gameplan Planners?

You Have 168 Hours Every Week - Are You Using Them Wisely?
  • Our planners are designed to help you follow the Academic Gameplan program in school or your profession.
  • Separate student and professional planners. No more¬†frustration¬†from trying to make something work good enough.
  • Reduce distractions from your electronic devices. Stay on track and on schedule without opening your phone!
  • Develop habits now that will serve you for a lifetime!
"Students who have learned the Academic Gameplan methods are still using our planners 10 and 15 years later"

- Jill McBride Baxter CEO of Academic Gameplan

Academic Gameplan Student Planner

July 2023-July 2024


Be the hammer not the nail!

  • Master schedule to help identify and establish routines.
  • Scouting Report so that you know what's up ahead.
  • Daily Line-up to keep track of the smaller details.
  • Daily¬†Reading Gameplan so that you aren't left scrambling to finish assignments at the last minute.
  • Scoreboard to track your progress and make sure you are excelling in your studies.
  • Follows the academic year. 1 year schedule beginning in July.
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Academic Gameplan Professional Planner

January 2024-January 2025


Be the hammer not the nail!

  • Continue to use the AGP system in your professional life.
  • GPS Calendar or month-at-a-glance (this is your freezer).
  • GPS Quick Notes - another great way to stay focused and not turn your phone on when you need to jot down something to remember.
  • The GPS Daily Line-up or prioritized daily task list (this is your refrigerator).
  • Spiral binding and monthly tabs make this planner easy to use and keep on your desk.
  • Follows the¬†calendar¬†year. 1 year schedule beginning in January.
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