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AGP 101 For Families

A System That Fills In The Low Spots And Reveals The High Spots

Every student has strengths and weaknesses. This turnkey system levels the playing field for students!

Said another way, AGP 101 removes the bumps. Your child will no longer be bouncing along the pot hole ridden, unmaintained back alley known as today's educational system. Rather they will be speeding down a smooth highway to success.

And as a parent you will be ecstatic when your role changes from “Nagging” to “Coaching and Supporting”.

This system works, it has been road tested for over 20 years by D-1 College Athletes from all ethnic, socioeconomic, and academic performance backgrounds.

It’s proven, it’s tested, it’s refined, it’s repeatable, it’s solid, it’s simple, and it’s timeless!

And now you have the opportunity to bring it into your home!

“Life is a game that holds many rewards for those who dare to compete. Winning is never an accident; likewise, neither is losing. The key to success is knowing the ‘rules, fundamentals and techniques’ of the game, and having a plan for attaining the goal. "It doesn’t matter what the plan is, as long as you have one.”

The students in your life deserve every possible opportunity to succeed.

The skills developed through AGP 101 lead to “open doors”, so don’t leave your child behind, because they don’t teach this in schools, and kids don’t come out of the womb knowing how to be effective people!

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