Parents and Students

Using lessons developed for over 27 years, we provide the coaching and systems that bring parents and children together on the path to becoming independent, competitive, and highly functioning people. This is achieved by guiding you and your child through a step by step process that develops intrinsic motivation, connects education to its higher purpose, and gives the “how to” of being a better and more efficient learner. If followed exactly the way we outline it, we guarantee that you’ll see a notable difference in your child’s development into a successful person.  Learn More »

Schools, Sports Programs, & Others

A system specifically built and designed to create a normative culture of academic success. Our program has proven to be a key factor in initiating and sustaining system-wide changes in academic performance by providing uniform terminology and technique.  This system gives every member of the administration, teaching staff, and parent population the ability to interact with each student by creating an environment that fosters effective communication.  Learn More »


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